i'm a poor gardener.
but i have noticed that fruits nuts and berries can come in through out the year.

someday i'm going to get some of that storage food y'all talk about... and have wheat berries (whatever that is?) and some stale beans to soak in water.
the park where i work sometimes is in zone 8. different varieties will be earlier or later...
i cheated and found some of this info on the internet.

peaches available may to august
blueberries were picked may june
figs were there in june july
lemons over the winter
pears now... august and september
loquats - february?
persimmons in late sept to november
pecans are coming in a october and november
satsumas are hanging from some trees. probably going to be here in november and december

bottom line of this story. is. consider planting some of the above. driving by a pear tree on a mower and reaching up and grabbing a fig/peach/pear/tangerine
is a pleasant thing... adding a cut up peach to a bowl of 20 year old oatmeal would sure make it taste better.

of course, i've always found that i can get all of the food i need down at wallyworld or the local piggly wiggly. so no need to really do all that planting.
and living in the u.s of a. if there is a problem around here, someone will bring me and mine all the food we need. sometimes being sarcastic just comes normal.