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    scraped and sore leg... no big deal ..... right?

    last week, i'm working on a "low boy" type trailer... replacing a bunch 2x lumber. lots of dirt and algae... slippery.
    being a young agile person, a jump up on the trailer is something easy... right?
    sure... a slip and shin slams into the metal angle c channel along the side. hurt like the dickens. but had on long light weight work pants...
    shin hurt and a scrape about the size of 2 silver dollars... no big deal.. no one around to see the young squirt lay there and hurt..
    --back to work.

    shin hurt day after day... washed it in the shower... sure... it's going to be better. i can stand on it and walk so it ain't broke or nothing serious..

    saturday... big plans auction at the mennonite settlement in the morning and big doins in middle ga at a political whing ding...
    no problem... just walking miles, hot and on our feet most of the day.
    shin hurting and a little more red than before. ankle hurting... don't understand why... ankle hasn't been a problem.

    sunday... ankle swollen. black and blue ??

    monday, time to go to regular doc... he's busy... can't get in... so head to doc in a box...
    doc, do you think that ankle is related to that small scrape...?

    "hmm.. how long since you've had a tetanus shot?"
    and "you didn't tend to this right away, did you?" doc asks..

    tetanus shot. antibiotic shot... pills and salve... keep foot raised... keep off foot. etc...

    bottom line of this tale, is that some little ole scratch/scrape could have become something bad..
    if no doctors were around... and person doesn't tend to a small wound.

    have you got one of those skinny coolers. about 7"wide and about 12" long... foot fits just right... and high sides keeps the epsom salts inside..
    doc didnt' say use the epsom salts but a senior relative insisted.... so... doing what she says too!

    edited to brag on mupirocin, a prescription skin antibiotic... this stuff is helping the abrasion... i had been using equate (like neosporin) a triple antibiotic...this stuff usually helps small cuts heal quicker... for some reason? not this time? but, i let several days go by before i used the otc antibiotic. ? one day with the mupi is showing an improvement... (maybe the injection and pill antibiotics are helping too!)
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    Hardest thing to do is actually give injuries time to heal. See that at the gym all the time, guys get hurt, come back 2 days later thinking they will tough it out. Come for a little while longer then you don't see them. Someone mentions "so and so has a torn ACL" or "so and so had to get surgery on his rotator cuff."

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    Don't put off until next week what you can take care of today!

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