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    anybody familiar with small home/farm portable sawmills?

    any advice or recommendation or comment would be appreciated..

    i'm taking down some trees... looks like a lot of lumber and hate to just burn it...

    i see one brand wood mizer https://woodmizer.com/

    seems to start at 3500 and go up from there...

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    make sure to see what they have in stock and the shipping dates before you put $$ down. I have looked myself at some and they were not in stock or wait time was several months....I am not ready to buy one yet, but trying to eval some myself.
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    Expo is in moultrie georgia this week!

    guys if you want to see a bunch of tractors/implements/sheds/sawmills and all kinds of farm and homesteading stuff i suggest a road trip.


    if you are going somehow, give me a shout.

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    I'd say contact Corley Sawmills in Chattanooga.
    Talk with a service rep, establish a rapour and ask for advice.
    Dealt with them for a long time and they are the best folks around.

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    at expo this week there was only one sawmill company... one of the best... and one of the top sellers in the world.
    i talked with a lot of their reps and guys there that already had that brand...

    as patriot said... long wait times..
    over a year...

    my visit was yesterday. second day of the show...
    i asked about the equipment they had there... did they have one they could sell? NOPE... already sold out of everything at Expo...

    a related item... fellow there was looking for a heavy duty 3 pt hitch post hole digger...
    at the bush hog tent. which i think is a good brand..
    salesman advised. "sir, i checked inventory yesterday.. the company had 3 but one was sold ...
    if you want one , you should order it quickly. lots of delays these days."

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    i've checked with other sawmill companies...again "we are building with late 2022 delivery dates and depending on model, maybe 2023" is a common response.

    a company that sells units primarily built in china can deliver within a month.

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