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    fuel storage idea

    here's how one guy improved his fuel storage...

    i'm wondering if the guy that delivers fuel to farmers might make a delivery to save moving the tanks.

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    Pretty much what I've done over the years.
    Got past the 55 gallon drums except for transporting fuel in the pickup bed.
    For the house I use the 350 gallon tanks or the 500 gallon farm fuel tanks with gravity feed out.
    Something really useful for kerosene has been teh 17 gallon drums.
    They have the same bungholes as the 55 gallon drums,
    I can pick up and move the full 17 gallon drums and they fit in the back end of the bronco or station wagon.

    Just a thought.

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    17 x 8 = 135? plus container... hmm.
    and a little awkward thing to pick up.

    sometimes i learn to say "sir" to folks...

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