Had a rare chance to compare two of these units almost identical in specifications.

I wrote down the key metrics for these units on a piece of paper so no one would freak out about Itar if I posted the spec sheets. They were very close with Ebi being the only thing with some difference between the two.

The Echo spec unit has no manual gain control- what others call "auto" gain which is actually no gain control. The BNVD with the Elbit XLS tubes has manual gain control and it was set high for this test to be close to what the no gain set was.


We went to our range in the Georgia swamps October 24th at 7:30 pm. Conditions were overcast, moon was not up yet, wasn't a lot of light IMO.

First pic was taken of a person standing out in the open approximately 50 yards from the camera. Camera man was standing in the open also.

First up- BNVD SG with XLS WP tubes

Next- BNVD with Echo spec WP tubes

Then we went a little bit farther into the woods there and just in the 5-10 minutes since the first set of pics were taken, lighting conditions seemed to have worsened. Also the folks that have attended training at our range will attest that this area is very thick with tree cover, further cutting down on lighting conditions.

In the woods, approximately 30 yards, standing semi out of concealment

First- BNVD SG with XLS WP tubes-

Next BNVD with Photonis Echo spec WP tubes-

Once again, while the specifications on these two units was close, the XLS tube was a good bit better on Ebi than the Echo.